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Welcome To Latvala Lumber Company Of Grand Rapids Minnesota

Latvala Lumber began in 1980 on the Iron Range by the Latvala family. Like many lumberyards at that time, they milled and sold lumber and building materials. By providing quality products and services and standing behind them they were blessed with continuous growth. In 2011 the decision was made to expand geographically with the acquisition of a lumberyard in Grand Rapids, MN. This has led to Latvala becoming the leading lumberyard in the region. Under new ownership in 2021 Latvala continues to grow and provide high quality building materials along with top notch service. Our commitment to treating everyone how we want to be treated galvanizes our team and provides the commitment that our customers have grown to expect.

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Common Faq’s

Frequently Asked Questions About Building Materials & Construction In The Grand Rapids Minnesota Area.

  • Q. Can Latvala deliver the materials to my location?

    Yes, we have a whole fleet of trucks to get your materials to you on time. We have a short truck to get into tight driveways and a big boom truck and piggyback truck to get a lot of material in one load.

  • Q. What products can I find in at Latvala Lumber?

    At Latvala we offer a wide range of wood products, including dimensional lumber (such as 2x4s), plywood, OSB (oriented strand board), composite decking, hardwoods, engineered wood products, windows and doors, molding and trim, roofing and siding, and various types of specialty lumber.

  • Q. Are there any considerations when purchasing lumber from a lumberyard?

    When buying lumber, it's important to consider factors such as the type of wood, grade, moisture content, and any specific treatment requirements for your project. At Latvala we can help you find the right materials for your job.

  • Q. How do I determine the quantity of lumber I need for my project?

    At Latvala we can assist you in determining the quantity of lumber you need based on your project specifications. It's helpful to have a detailed plan or design, including measurements, this will get you the most accurate quote.

  • Q. What is a lumberyard?

    A lumberyard is a facility or location where various types of lumber and wood products are stored, processed, and sold. It serves as a supplier to contractors, builders, and individuals involved in construction, woodworking, and other related industries.